Website Development

I don’t use technology just for the sake of it.
My coding is based on your needs and only.

Be it a promotional site for your brand, an e-shop, a platform for internal use or a web application, I'm here to help. My technical skillset is diverse and applicable on many different aspects of website development.

My way of coding websites is unique not only because of my experience and technical skills, but also because my approach is empathy-driven and client-focused. Your needs matter to me.


HTML, CSS, PHP, SQL, Ruby, Javascript are some of the languages I'm fluent in.
My current technologies of choice are:

Wordpress icon

For blogs and websites of considerable complexity

Shopify icon

For e-shops

Squarespace icon

For promotional websites

Ruby icon
Ruby on Rails

For web applications



I take care of everything - both coding for the front stuff and for what happens in the back-end, with your data. I sometimes do a little bit of design too. In most cases, you won’t have to worry about hiring other people.

Pragmatic and integrative

Rather than focusing on one thing, I have a range of skills and I can easily adapt on my clients’ needs. I also don’t reinvent the wheel. If what you’re looking for is already out there and fits your needs, I will make sure to use that.

Test driven

Test-driven development means less headache in the long-run. I write code that I test well, which results in bug-free applications. Well... not completely bug-free because I'm human .